NetCOBOL for Linux

Compile COBOL on Linux

Access COBOL applications through sleek GUIs written in modern programming languages. Connect COBOL to Linux to create a flexible, future-proof enterprise system.

NetCOBOL for Linux x64 brings the reliability of NetCOBOL for Windows® to the Linux environment. It can be used to create 64-bit server applications or applications that need the power of COBOL’s business logic.


  • No COBOL runtime license charges
  • Now supports RHEL6.
  • Highest performance and reliability
  • COBOL compiler generates native code for 64-bit Linux on Intel architecture machines
  • Standards Compliant (COBOL 85, 89 addendum)
  • Verified support of Oracle and Pro*COBOL
  • CGI support subroutines
  • COBOL programs can be integrated easily with other languages
  • Supports Unicode
  • Supports multi-threaded execution
  • Package includes PowerBSORT enhanced sort utility and PowerFORM Runtime for executing graphical reports designed using PowerFORM for Windows® (delivered with the NetCOBOL for Windows® products)


What are the main benefits of NetCOBOL for Linux x64 over other COBOL offerings on Linux?

 NetCOBOL for Linux x64 has been created using well-proven technology, both in the front-end with the NetCOBOL syntax processing and the back-end with many parts of the Intel architecture code generator applying to the Linux product. The main benefits this technology brings are:

  • Proven reliability
  • Highly optimized object code

In addition to these technical benefits, NetCOBOL for Linux x64 also offers a significant business benefit:

  • No run-time license fees.

How do I obtain the license file to enable my NetCOBOL for Linux x64 product?

Provide the information requested on the NetCOBOL for Linux Product Registration page

How easy is it to port applications to NetCOBOL for Linux x64 from other environments?

The answer to this question really depends on two factors in the application code:

  1. Whether the syntax used is standard ANSI COBOL or includes only those IBM, Micro Focus or NetCOBOL (previously called Fujitsu COBOL) syntax extensions that are supported by NetCOBOL for Linux x64.
  2. Whether the applications have extensive screen interactions.

Applications that use NetCOBOL supported syntax and have no or little screen interaction should port very easily to NetCOBOL for Linux x64.

Applications that have extensive screen interactions may take more effort to port. Depending on the design and purpose of the applications, they may be able to transition to becoming Web-based applications using CGI, or take on new graphical user interfaces using a more GUI focused language while preserving the main business logic in COBOL.

How do I use embedded SQL to connect to a database?

Fujitsu tests the ability to use the Oracle Pro*COBOL precompiler to connect with Oracle. For databases other than Oracle, you may contact your database vendor regarding the availability of a COBOL precompiler.

Are there any significant limitations in the NetCOBOL for Linux x64 product?

There are some restrictions in NetCOBOL for Linux Version 10. Whether they are significant or not will depend on the application. The key restrictions are:

  • SCREEN SECTION is not supported
  • Only generates 64-bit code (but check with your sales rep for options if you have to have 32-bit code)

Is NetCOBOL for Linux x64 an Open Source product?

As desribed above NetCOBOL for Linux x64 has been created using proprietary Fujitsu technology that has been proven and sold for many years on other platforms. It therefore does not make sense to make NetCOBOL for Linux x64 an Open Source product.

Is there an Eclipse plug-in with NetCOBOL for Linux x64?

No. The primary development environment for NetCOBOL for Linux x64 is the NetCOBOL for Windows product. Its NetCOBOL Studio IDE is Eclipse-based.